Love and Justice: Mirror Images (A Poem of Reflection)

I wrote this a few weeks ago in the midst of a huge debate regarding LGBTQ equality in the church. It always astounds me when people talk about love and justice as if they are two different approaches. Here is my reflection on that. 

Said the reflector to the reflection:
You do not know me.
Vision distorted
by a world contorted
with brokenness.

They can no longer see,
That their noses align
with precisely the same misalignment
Mark of a childhood recklessness

Their mouth—left side—upturned
with the same automatic response
to some just-out-of-reach,
half-remembered tenderness.
They’ve always had that habit.

In the other, each sees a sneer,
And sucks in the same
painful breath.

She is superficial.
Thinks the one.
She’s lost her substance.
She tries too hard for the image.
Sculpting beauty
at the expense of reality,
Promoting false truth
in the name of empty peace.
She forgives
what cannot be forgiven.

She is heartless.
Thinks the other.
Too rigid in her understanding
of what should be.
She drapes herself
in hard-edged truth
And paints ugliness
that shares its wounds
with the seer, shares the hurt,
and calls the sharing of it

She does not truly care.
They think.
If only she could care like I do.
Think they both.

They size each other up
through the glass
Image shaped by their own

And they cannot see
They cannot hear
That all the while
their heartbeats
are in rhythm
As they beat each other up
Within the same aching chest.

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