The Kids’ Table: A Communion Invitation

*originally written for my ordination service at Central Pres in Austin, TX on Nov. 15th, 2014.

The Table of Communion is a holy table,
But it is not a fancy table:
Gilded in gold, decorated with fine china,
And set apart behind a heavy door.

This holy Table stands in every messy corner of this world,
Where gather the hungry, and lost, and small.
It is rough hewn, and well-loved, and scratched.
It is littered with bread crumbs and stained with wine and juice.

This holy Table is, in fact, the kids’ table.
And we can never outgrow it,
Because no passage of time or matter of circumstance
Can ever make us any less than beloved children of God.

So come, come like children.
Eager and innocent, timid and rascally,
Hopeful and vulnerable.
Come exactly as you are, beautiful child of God.
You who have much faith, and you who would like to have more.
You who have been here often, and you who haven’t been in a long time.
Come, and know that it is Jesus Christ who calls you to this family meal,
And Jesus Christ who welcomes you home.

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