Unsought Lessons (a poem)

Life, too, sometimes begs forgiveness

And living it can be as much
Holding your breath
As breathing.

All things have their passing
Creatures yes
But seasons too
And stages and relationships.
Their hospice, their vigil, their grief.
We should all make each other more casseroles.

And daylight, when it’s not enough to make you smile
Can still drag you out of bed.

Some days we’re all running marathons
With no finish line and achy knees.
Grace is the relays.

Stubborn and hopeful are often synonyms
Sometimes beautiful
And occasionally dangerous.

The Gospel truth doesn’t rely on your faith
For its existence.
It’s the other way around.
(Thank goodness)

And the love of God never leaves you
Even when you want to kick it in the shin.

Especially when you want to kick it in the shin.

5 thoughts on “Unsought Lessons (a poem)

  1. Layton, I really like this. I especially like the last line, but also the notion of a daylight that, even if it cannot make you smile, can still drag you out of bed. I resemble that remark. I once heard a very fine preacher we both know well describe his tendency to “fly low” in emotionally volatile territory. I think that’s what your poem does. I would say that you inhabit the realm of chastened expectations in these lines. Nicely done.

  2. “Stubborn and hopeful are often synonyms”- that really resonates with me. I am extremely stubborn, but I like to think of it as a sign that I will not let go of hope.
    And I love the image of kicking God’s love in the shins 🙂

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