Love Me Too-Tender (A Magictober Poem)

You know how everything about falling in love
feels cheesy
until you’re in it?
And then you’re just
too busy racing their heart against yours
to care?
Here is a cheesy thing:

October is the month I fall in love.
It’s true.
So many years in a row
that I’ve called it Magictober.

And so this year I came looking
when October rolled around
for love in the corners
and under the leaves.

Magic abounds
but always in that mischief way
that laughs at you while it dances.

I have woken up in bed
with this year’s love
every day this month
and fallen more deeply, like clockwork
like a train on schedule.

Only this time, the lover was myself.

It’s true
that everything about it is cheesy
But I’m too busy thanking God
for this too-tender heart
She gave me
to care.

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