A Poem for the New Year

**Written on January 1, 2016 (just getting around to posting here)**

Do you remember
when we were children?
The way our feet danced lightly
across a grassy field at morning,
on tiptoe,
with the hopeful expectation
that we might not
disturb the dew?
That it could,
like a whisper,
slide along
the underneath of us,
and we might leave it
and dance along our way?

Do you remember
the wide smile?
The squeezed shut eyes?
The momentary discomfort?
When we failed
and the dew covered us?

We might have been disappointed
at our own falling short,
but the truth came like
surprise kissing comfort:
that this too was a gift.

What a wonder of life
that each day might begin
with water born at the love-making
of sun and earth.

And what wonder
that it cannot help but cover us.

This is my wish for every morning,
and every day,
and for this whole wondrous life:
to dance lightly,
with hopeful expectation,
and always fail
to be untouched.

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