Witness (a poem)

**Day 3 of my Lenten poem-a-day challenge**

with your head
bowed deep against the cold,
wind sharply
slapping your skin
to testy pink,
eyes blinking
tear-made icicles.

You cannot see it,
as you are, but
there is a
of miracle
missing you
as you scurry toward
the closest
heated space.

Waves whipping frothy
out wide across
the lake’s expanse
and crashing with frenzied
into the snowy shore.
Sun bright
and flashing brighter
all across
the cityscape of glass,
a sparkling collaboration
from Creator and created

And, too, those God-loved creatures
like yourself
even in their hurry
making unique glory
from their life’s
And all of it:
One grand cosmic

there is wonder, as well,
in the universe
of cracked concrete
and old gum
beneath you,
but maybe
not so much.

And sure,
it hurts
to lift your chin
to the chill
and let it bite you
But the daily miracle of being
should never
be missed in favor
of painless existence.

Pain and beauty
are feisty sometime lovers
and the spark of their kiss
makes its own spectacular

So square your
shivering shoulders.
Breathe deep into
the wind.
Give thanks for the dance
around you, and

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