Lukewarm (a poem)

My shower reminded me
this morning
how little patience I have
for presence without passion.
What is the purpose
Of moderate existence?

We are all careening
infinitely fast
into the vast nothingness
of obsolescence.
Why waste a moment
of existing
on forgetting to care?

There is so much
to fight about,
so much to love,
so many reasons for
taking the dare or
breaking the rules,
or even your heart.

I want to master
the art of caring too much.
Call me dramatic
or zealous, or intense.
Just never call me boring,
or hollow, or numb.

Give me your empty moments,
if you don’t want to claim them.
I’ll take them.

Here, you can have my shower.
I’m with Jesus on this one.

One thought on “Lukewarm (a poem)

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