A Love Song for Women (a poem)

One of the best days
of my life
was the day I finally
let myself love women
as fully as I wanted to.
But honestly,
I have been loving
my whole life long.

To my mother
and all the mothers
and sisters
who have nurtured me
and held me and
managed my midnight crises
and raised me up
to more than
I would have dared to
let myself dream:
I love you.

To the women
who have taught me
and all whom I admire
for their strength,
and vulnerability,
and power,
and beauty, and soul,
and God-given complexity,
and for every inch
of their unashamed realness:
I love you.

To the women
I have kissed
who have taught me
that butterflies
come in more than
one shape,
and that the same form
I carry can
carry my heart too:
I love you.

To the women
I hope I will mother,
and teach, and inspire,
and raise up
in their own power,
and vulnerability,
and God-given
beautiful complexity:
I love you.
Already, I love you.

And to our common
Mother, holy and round
with new creation
always being born,
who found me with
a woman’s voice,
And heart, and arms,
when the male image
I’d been taught to worship
was the wrong kind of strength,
and could only feel to me
like violence and fear
and threat:
I love you, too, and most,
and always.

Thank you, Mother God,
for all the women
in this world and in my life,
and thank you, forever,
for making me one too.

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