Waterfront (a poem)

There isn’t a shape
that Lake Michigan takes
that I don’t love.

But this evening she is
just. so. spectacular.
Nothing rough about her,
almost flat like glass.
Almost, but a little
less than perfect.

She looks as if
God’s own toes
couldn’t help but
dip into the water
ever so slightly,
and set her
slowly into motion
all across her whole self
the way that only
the Divine can.

Gentle ripples
all the way to the edge
of where she and sky
make their rendezvous
and give to each other
the world
in a quiet handoff.

Like she is saying softly
to her partner, her sky:
You watch for awhile,
I am going to relax.
Turn those little lights
on for them
so nobody gets too scared.
And with a soft kiss,
dusk gives way to dark.

One thought on “Waterfront (a poem)

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