Company (a poem)

Today a man asked me:
Pastor, do you really
believe God is with us
all the time?
Because I don’t know,
if I can believe
that anymore.
I feel like I’m stranded
out on an ocean
all alone.

Yes, I believe
God is with us, I told him,
always, always,
but I know sometimes
it’s hard to feel, to trust.
And we sat, and we prayed,
and he left.

What I wanted to say was:
Yes, I believe God
is with us, in fact,
sometimes it is
the one thing
I’m sure I believe in.

In those times when
life feels like hell,
and the world bleeds like
evil is winning the fight,
and I don’t know
what tomorrow will
look like, if it comes.

When we’ve all
got our own ocean
to be stranded on,
even then, especially then,
there is one thing I trust:
that God is there
in the water around us,
and the salt that buoys
us up, in the sun on our face,
and the beat in our chest
that says somehow
there’s still some life
left in us.

God is there, right there,
this I trust.
So I’m praying still:
Let him feel it, God,
let him know what I know:
that he’s not
on his ocean alone.

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