Miracle (a poem)

Even after a long, hard day,
and even when
I’m running late,
I sometimes take
the slow bus
through the city
and relax
the way we used to float
down lazy rivers
on summer afternoons.

I love to watch
this city happen,
with its storefronts
lit in hope of company,
and its people
on their way to
anywhere unknown,

or laughing over drinks,
or reading while their
laundry turns behind them,
or settling, for however
short a time, into
the rhythm of their
daily shuffle to or from.

With a watchful, eager eye,
every moment is a story
worth telling.
Every living snapshot,
a marvel of miracle.
I swim in them and
remember what a gift it is
to be human,
and all, somehow,

Last night as
I rode the
long way to my house
feeling home, already,
the whole way there,
it struck me that
someone else might be
floating lazily along
through this city we share,
soaked in the wonder
of every impossible
life being lived,
and to them my life
would be a worthy marvel–
I am a miracle too.

I’ve never thought
of it that way

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