Loud Mouth (a poem)

I have never been able
to keep my mouth shut.
Not since the day
I was born.
I have holes
in the pocket where
my secrets are kept.
And I slept through
the class where
they taught us
how to hold our tongues.

And so I am always
saying the wrong thing,
the overly honest
and earnest thing,
the words that don’t belong
in polite company.

It’s not that it doesn’t
terrify me, sometimes,
to tell the truth,
it’s just that other things
terrify me more.

See, I have never been able
to keep my mouth shut
but I’ve had it shut for me.

And nothing scares me
more than the dark
of the boxes
where secrets get locked
like bodies in coffins
buried alive.

Enough layers of dirt
can muffle any sound
but silence
doesn’t mean
there’s nothing
desperate to be heard.

Why do we speak the hard truths?

To shout down the silence
and build, with our voices,
a world where the hard truths
no longer exist.

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