Matters (a poem)

I used to believe
that becoming a pastor
would make me
a better Christian.
But it’s the Monday
of Holy Week,
and I’ve spent my
whole day
dealing with the drama
of a shattered screen.

It’s amazing
how quickly
Worship becomes work,
and a holy Monday
fills with the mundane.
But then Christ
knew ordinary too,
and isn’t that kind of
the point?

After all,
on his Holy Week
Monday, he, too,
was consumed
with the immediate.
He, too,
was dealing with
the drama
of cracked glass,
and how we reach
one another,
and where to spend
the coins we have.

Maybe sometimes
what matters
isn’t escaping from
all the ordinary
that is, but simply
letting Jesus
sit beside you
in life’s beautiful,
messy mundanity.

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