Rise (a poem)

**this is the last poem of my Lenten poem-a-day discipline. All 46 of them can be found on this blog.**

Easter dawns dark
but eager with its
ceremony and special
sense of promise.

And so we gather
in the early light
and dare ourselves
to believe, for a moment,
in impossible things:
in endings that
are not endings,
in death that somehow
yields to life,
in the absurd assurance
that even when,
by definition, it’s all over,
it may not, in fact,
quite be over, after all.

The sun watches our
jubilation with a sly smile,
and a gentle eye roll,
and an amused shake
of her head.
Sure, this is good news,
she says, but it’s not like
it’s *new* news.
Don’t I tell you everyday?
Don’t I whisper it
in your ear each dawn
before your eyes’ first flutter?
Don’t I murmur it to you
when I kiss you goodnight
each dusk?
Haven’t I shown you
over and over, every
blessed day of your life?

That all created things,
beautiful and beloved,
at last and always,
rise again.

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